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About Our Tutors

Our instructors are exceptional women and men who have a proven record of working effectively with students.

The following are brief sketches of some of our tutors:

Anne – Earned her MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees from Yale and has been teaching and tutoring standardized test prep and other subjects for ten years, including college level courses at Columbia and NYU.

Micheal – Graduated from Columbia with a double major in physics and philosophy and is a seasoned tutor specializing in helping students in middle school and high school with their coursework across the curriculum, as well as helping students with organizational and study skills.

Tamar – Earned a MA in childhood education and special education from NYU and has extensive experience teaching grades preK – 5. She focuses on literacy development, math, homework help, and provides support for students with a wide range of disabilities, including autism.

Addis – Earned his BA and MA degrees at Yale in political science and served as a Freshman Counselor and publisher of the Yale Daily News. He tutors middle school and high school students in a wide range of subjects and provides homework help.